Our Approach

Handmade in India believes in creating a beautiful future for our loved ones and mother nature. The team at Handmade in India is continually looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact. Focusing on sustainability, we are constantly reviewing our existing processes to develop a safe and healthy environment.

Crafting the Rugs

A team of skilled craftsmen crafts our signature rugs to enhance their life and durability. We are focused on using natural fibres only, including a blend of wool and silk, and most often cotton and jute. With the intent to develop distinct idiosyncratic textures and looks, the yarns are hand-carded carefully. We believe in natural processes with a minimal carbon footprint. More so, we are proudly involved in spreading awareness about sustainability through several design community initiatives to ensure that this floor art receives enormous respect in the coming years too.

Sustainability in Production of Rugs

We, at Handmade in India, adopt sustainable manufacturing processes using natural, renewable, and biodegradable raw materials like wool. Leftovers in the oceans, textile waste from clothing manufacturing, and carpets at the end of their life are used for environmental carpet solutions.

Also, the yarn dyes, water used for dying, the yarn residues, the cardboard cones, and the pallets are all recycled and reused. Handmade in India runs the entire production by means of renewable energy.

Sustainability in Packaging

Proceeding with the ethos of the company, the team ensures that only sustainable packaging material is utilized while delivering the order to the customer. Sustainability is vital to our DNA and circulates in every aspect of our processes. To know more about our sustainability practices, kindly contact us.